• QUALITY                                       
  • UNIQUENESS                                         
  • GENERATIONS                                       

There are various personal reasons someone may choose handmade but these are given truths for everyone purchasing a handmade item from a true craftsman.

QUALITY – True craftsmen love what they do and take pride in it.  It comes from their heart and soul. They know their work is a reflection on them and want to put their best into it.

UNIQUENESS – A handmade piece can never be made exactly alike.  When a handmade custom piece is ordered, the craftsman takes time to get to know you.  He talks to you about your style, your likes and dislikes, any themes you want to carry through from your home, colors, space to be filled and textures.  Why have something mass produced that 500,000 other people have when you can have a piece you helped design?

GENERATIONS – Buy to last, buy to hand down to the next generation and the generation after that.  Make your purchases assets by having something that increases in value instead of being disposable.  You can keep the memories going of “this was my great grandmother’s . . .”

THE USA – It seems as if we are losing the essence of the United States of America.  We need to have pride in our country and to keep it alive and growing.  To do that we have to support it by putting money into it, taking pride into what we send out of it and protecting our resources.

THE WORLD – You can take pride in a handmade piece by knowing you are bettering the world by having something that will last, something that has not been made by exploiting anyone or by adding more garbage onto the earth or into the air.  Begin to educate others as to why having one exceptional piece is more fulfilling than having a lot of disposable “stuff.”  You as an individual can make a difference.


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