First and foremost, Don will make whatever a customer asks for and if he can’t he will tell you so.  He will make your custom order as ornate or simple as you prefer.  He will work with you and make sketches until it is the design you are looking for.  You will know what you are getting and how much it will cost before you order.

STOOLS – 4 and 3 legged styles

Any stool or seat should be approximately 12″ from the surface you will be sitting at except for special applications.  Stools are generally three sizes.  A bar stool is approximately 30″ high, counter height is 25″, and chair height is 18″.

There are 2 seat styles for the 3 legged stools, the regular seat (13″ long x 12″ wide) as included in all prices and a teardrop design (16″ long x 14″ wide) that adds $40.00 to the price.  There is only one style for the 4 legged stools.  However there are 2 sizes made on an ongoing basis, or the size can be adjusted according to taste.  Generally they are 14″ long x 12″ wide which is included in the standard price or 14″ long x 14″ wide which would add $25.00 to the standard price.

The 4-legged styles can have a swivel added for $150.00.  Don designed his own heavy-duty mechanism when he was not happy with any purchased one.  It can swivel 360 degrees or have a stop put in to only swivel a certain distance.

Either the 4 or 3 legged stools can have a back added for approximately $45.00 depending on the design.  Some people like a higher back that has a slight spring to it for comfort and others just want a low back to be able to grab for moving the stool.  The short backs are nice because you can push the stool all the way under the table or kitchen island to keep them out of the way.

The standard stools have a straight forged leg.  There are different options as to the look you may want for the legs.  One is the reverse twist as seen on the swivel bar stool and that adds $25 per leg.

BENCHES and TABLES – Made to any size you need.

Don makes the benches and tables with various twists, textures and braces underneath as added ornamentation or with open shelving for practicality.  Of course wine holders can be incorporated also.


One of the things that make the furniture so unique is the wood Don likes to use.  He prefers wood showing its character with a natural edge that has been debarked and the natural imperfections left in such as wormholes, knots, small cracks, etc.  He also designs a more formal look by cutting edges square with what is normally described as furniture quality wood.

He will use anything he can find but some of the wood choices available regularly are:

Wood types native to the United States:

  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Ambrosia Maple
  • Cherry (darkens with age)
  • Oak (can be stained if you pick out the color code)
  • Cedar
  • Hackberry
  • Mineral Stained Poplar
  • Inquire about other woods you are interested in

Non-domestic wood types:

  • Purple Heart
  • Zebra Wood
  • Inquire about other woods you are interested in

All non-domestic woods are priced according to market price at time of order.

So email us or call and see what he can do for you.

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